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Pudge plays with a Fidget Spinner for the first time! What does he think of it? And what does he make of all the fuss surrounding them?

PandaGuy Memorial Community created

I set up an LJ Community for those who wish to leave final thoughts and wishes for PandaGuy, or for those with a fond memory or story to share:


LJ limits usernames to 15 characters, so the final "l" got cut off.
No matter what happens, we won't get the president we deserve.

However, we ABSOLUTELY deserve whichever president we get.

Writer's Block: Say What?

What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

I work in a grocery store. Someone came up to me one day and asked, "What do you sell in your bakery?"

Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laser beam

What's your favorite line from a song, and why?

From Steve Taylor's "JENNY", because I've been there...

Once you know the truth, you can hide it on a shelf
But unless you bring it down, you can't live with yourself

How appropriate

Seen at the pharmacy counter:

Yeah, when I pick up my medicine, I usually feel the same way.

Can someone explain....

...this country's sudden fascination with pawn shops and towing/repo companies? I don't get it.

Special Olympics Update

(again crossposted to bowling_furs)

My bowling took place during league last night, so it would have been impractical to bowl as SK. Doesn't really matter, because it doesn't look like the $500 goal is going to be reached.

I did, however, roll a 622 series, so anyone considering a per-pin donation will use that as my score.

Thanks again, and remember, March 15 is the deadline for donations. Easiest way is to send them via PayPal to thebowlingtiger@gmail.com

How To Tell If You're Stupid

It's simple - you can't.

If you're stupid, you're too dumb to know it.

If you're smart, then you're smart enough to doubt your own intelligence.

When your mother says, "What a smart boy you are," ask for a second opinion. She'd probably say the same thing if you were a blabbering idiot, which you may be for all you know, since it's impossible to know.

You certainly can't trust the experts. If they say you're stupid, they may be too stupid themselves to make the call.

If they say you're smart, they may be lying. That's what smart people do. If someone tells you that you're smart, hang onto your wallet.

Colleges are the perfect example of the smart-telling strategy. Each year, thousands of teenagers receive letters to the effect of: "You are one of the chosen few smart enough to be admitted to our college. Please send $50,000 to cover your first semester's tuition and book deposit."

If you are willing to pay $50,000 per semester to get an education that will qualify you for a job that pays only $40,000 per year, how smart are you?
(cross-posted to bowling_furs)

Hi, everyone!

On the weekend of March 5-6, I'm participating in a bowling fundraiser benefiting Hillsborough County Special Olympics, and I need your help. I'll be bowling three games that afternoon, and you can support me one of two ways. You can pledge either a certain amount per pin (so if you pledge 3 cents per pin and I bowl 500 for a three-game total, your contribution will be $15.00) or give a flat donation. If you've ever seen me bowl, I'd recommend going the flat amount route. You could be on the hook for more than you bargained for!

HOWEVER, I'm also sweetening the pot a bit. If the total amount I raise hits the $500 mark or more (per-pin pledge amounts will be estimated for a 500 series), I'll bowl the event as SK-1

IF you haven't seen HIS VIDEO already, SK also bowls - not quite as well as I do, but still above average. He's appeared at fundraising events for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the American Cancer Society, and I'd like to break him out again for this one. But only if you provide the proper incentive.

And yes, I'll bring back proof of his appearance.

Let's show everyone the kind of good we can do. I'm hoping to get at least 100 people to pledge 1 cent per pin or give a $5 flat amount. You're welcome to pledge or give more if you feel so inclined. I'm accepting donation via PayPal to the e-mail address: TheBowlingTiger@gmail.com, or if you wish to go the per-pin way, drop me a note and I'll let you know what info I need. Whichever method you choose, March 15 is the deadline for donations to be turned in.

Thanks to all of you in advance. Help me get the tiger out of his cage!